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Changsha Zondar Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional design manufacturer for high-end hydraulic equipment in fields of emergency, rescue, construction and maintenance.

The company is located in the national-level Sany Industrial City in Changsha Economic and Technology Development Zone. The development and management team is from Sany Heavy Industry, including more than 70% personnel possessing master degree and above who have top technology development strength in the industry.

The rescue hydraulic equipment developed by the company are mainly hydraulic power unit, slurry pump, chainsaw, breaker, which can be used for forcible entry, drainage, cutting, drilling and tamping, etc. and are widely applied in rescue, municipal construction and other fields. The strong design development capability of the company can provide you customized solutions based on all kinds of specific condition demand.

We are committed to advance the development of rescue hydraulic equipments, Guide industry technology to lead the life. We are to provide products of high-quality and high-competitiveness, solutions and service, creating continuous value for customers.


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